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You'll find many informations about cable pulling and cable laying technologies on the following pages.
Our product range covers push rods, cable grips, drum lifting and many other tools required in todays business for contractors and cable installation companies.

NEW - NEW Easy Grip - NEW - NEW

Manual advancing device for long distances. Enables up to 50 % time-saving. Together with the Kati® Blitz an unbeatable team
Information: Easy Grip
Easy Grip
NEW Kati® Blitz compact Plus - NEW

The new tip for the Kati® Blitz compact Plus, even more flexible for particularly tight curves.Information:
Kati® Blitz compact Plus
Kati® Blitz compact Plus


Kati® KIS offers the best technical specification for the inspection of pipes and hollow spaces.
Further information:
Camera Inspection
Cable support winches

The capstan winches KSW-E and Fuel-Engine winches KSW-B are available.
Further details under Cable winches..

Duct rodder and cable pulling devices

Our cable pulling devices are equipped with the high quality Polykat fiberglass profile, and are made in our factory in Germany.
The combination of high elasticity and shear strengt makes it possible to construct unbeatably small, compact and handy products.

Picture Pipe eel

Cable grips manufactured by Katimex®

Our Cable grips, often reffered to as cable stockings or cable socks, are hand made in our own factory. Cable grips are used in nearly every situation where cables have to be pulled, attached or secured.
The demand for cable stockings has never been higher before.
Picture Cable Grips

Our quality management is certified according to the latest standard of ISO 9001:2008. This supports the confidence in our cooperation.

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